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Product Specifications

Silver Sails / Yin Fan products are produced according to the highest standards as documented by the company's ISO9001 and ISO/TSI16949 certifications.  The International Standards Organization's procedures provide for quality checks and documentation beginning with accepting raw materials and every step of the way through packaging.  Because of this high standard, Yin Fan can ensure our products against any possibility of paint failure caused by defective Silver Sails refinish products.

Low VOCs
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Silver Sails Paint Products are comparable to these Manufacturers' products.

PPG NEXA DuPont Sherwin Williams Silver Sails Paints
DCU 2021 P190-5520 7900S CC633 / CC930 SS400
DCU2021 P190-6330 7779S CC939 SS401
DCU2042 P190-643 72500S CC950 SS402
DC3000 / DC4000 P190-6330 74700S HPC15 SS403
DC2002 P190-6100 7776S FC710 SS404
DPLV3055 P565-5205 22280S E2A875 DTM412